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Articles featuring Wherligig

"Wherligig provides an authentic Celtic sound that delights audiences of all ages. To see extended family working together on stage brings back the old time feeling of making music around the pot bellied stove after a good meal.
Their unique repertoire and use of historic instruments make this group's performance not only entertaining, but highly educational. A musical treasure!"

Sandy Oxx
Executive Director
Carroll County Arts Council

"Shamrock Serves Up Irish Jigs
Courtesy of Wherligig"
The Frederick Gazette
March 16, 2005

"If you like talented musicians with a heart for the origins of their work, then you'll love Wherligig. This is a group that's true to its music and to its roots. Everything about Wherligig is genuine, from their period music down to their hand crafted instruments. Experiencing the music of Wherligig is a delight."

Susan Thornton
Station Manager, The Community
Media Center, Channel 19

Family that plays, stays together Westminster Eagle Newspaper
June 20, 2007

Solstice Concert review June 22, 2007