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Performing together since 1985, Wherligig has delighted and educated audiences in the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States with the earthy sounds of acoustic Celtic and Nordic music.
Wherligig's wide-ranging repertoire, drawn from the Celtic and Nordic traditions of Ireland, Scotland, Cape Breton, Sweden, England, and Wales, has delighted audiences for years in venues as diverse as classrooms, clubs, festivals, social occasions ( weddings and parties) and the concert stage.
In this versatile ensemble, Stephanie plays the hammered dulcimer and neo-Celtic harp. Ken plays the six- and twelve-string guitar, tin whistles, bones, overtone flute and hurdy gurdy. Ryan plays the fiddle, tin whistle and nyckelharpa. All members play the bodhran (the Irish drum) and contribute vocally while Ryan provides the majority of the singing. Ken has built or restored most of the instruments the ensemble uses during performances. His instruments are known for their beauty and tonality.
Wherligig's love of traditional music and culture, as well as their joy in making music together as a family, adds a distinguishing quality to their performances.
Contact us at wherligig@yahoo.com for more information regarding the ensemble, bookings, and recordings.